Is there a clean water crisis? How to protect your family’s water supply.

Concerns continue to rise over the high concentrations of chlorine in Phoenix area drinking supplies. Chlorine was introduced to municipal water systems as an effective way to kill disease-causing bacteria that are contained in the water and the pipes that transport this water.

Chlorine reacts with other naturally occurring elements to form toxins called trihalomethanes (THMs), a family of carcinogens. Chlorine is also harmful to theresin in water softeners, as it oxidizes and eventually breaks down the beads. In response to these problems, many water companies have switched from using chlorine to using chloramine. This compound contains both chlorine and ammonia, which are also carcinogens.

woman drinking clear water, phoenix whole house water filter system

Most water treatment companies use coconut shell carbon water filters to remove chemicals and chlorine. Unfortunately, these filters do not remove most of the chloramine that municipal water companies are using.

Clear Water Concepts has the solution: Their Sanitech Pro-Line whole house water filtration system. It utilizes high quality Centaur carbon, which has higher catalytic properties, greater density, and can last up to 3 times longer than the coconut shell carbon that other companies utilize. This material will also remove significantly more of the chemical agent chloramine. The greater density offered by Centaur carbon ensures longer life, requires less maintenance, and provides better quality water for years to come.

For water softener, Phoenix, there are two ways to create soft water: Chemical and mechanical. The chemical way introduces phosphates and other compounds to treat water. This might be great for your clothes, allowing soap to dissolve, but you and your family end up drinking these phosphates.

The advantage to using mechanical water softening is that the hard water is passed through a water treatment system that actually removes the minerals in the water. Mechanical water softening eliminates the problem “hard water” whereas chemical water softeners merely “mask” the minerals in the water.

Clear Water Concepts offers the best water softener for Arizona. It protects your water supply by using cross-link resins to soften the water. In particular, they are most effective for water softeners in Phoenix, where the chlorine levels are elevated. Using these high cross-link resins in your whole house water filter system is also necessary to eliminate chemicals from your tap water. This way, you’ll know every time you turn on the tap, and every time your fridge makes ice cubes, you’ll have a safe, soft water supply—you’ll have the best water softener for Arizona. Give us a call today for a free quote.