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clear water Arizona productsClear Water Concepts provides the valley’s premier quality water treatment systems at prices that beat the competition! We eliminate sales commissions, unnecessary marketing, and dealer markups. At Clear Water Concepts, you don’t have to pay more to get more!

Water Softeners A quality water softener from Clear Water Concepts is a practical, cost-effective way to ensure quality soft water in your home. A home is a costly investment; hard water destroys faucets, fixtures, and water using appliances. Our water softening systems are designed to provide luxurious, clean, soft water, for years to come. Clear Water Concepts offers a full line of high-quality water softeners to fit your needs. From basic timer controlled, to the most advanced electronic controlled water softening systems available, we provide what our customers want.

Whole House Water Filtration If you are looking for the ultimate quality water from every faucet in the home, whole home water filtration is what you need. Whole home filtration combines water softening technology and water filtration capabilities into one system. Clear Water Concepts provides whole home water filtration systems to combat hard water and contaminants like chlorine, and volatile organic compounds. Our Sanitech™ Pro-Line system is the industry standard and is custom designed to our specifications for Phoenix area water conditions.

Reverse Osmosis If you want great tasting, fresh purified drinking water without having to purchase bottled water, Clear Water Concepts has the answer. A reverse osmosis water purification system for your Phoenix area home will give you unlimited purified water at your fingertips. Our Ultima reverse osmosis water purifiers provide all the benefits of bottled water, saving you time and money and reducing impact on the environment.

Water Filters Clear Water Concepts supports a full line of water filters for any application. From carbon filters for reverse osmosis systems, to high flow whole home filters, we offer a wide range of products to accommodate your needs. Our water filters are NSF approved meeting the highest standards. We stock water filters for most major brand water filtration and purification systems, including: GE, Hydrotech, Pure-Tec, and Ultima reverse osmosis filters. If we don’t stock water filters for your particular system, we can order them from one of our suppliers.

Water Coolers Tired of Lifting and Storing 5 gallon bottles of water? Clear Water Concepts has the solution to the bottled water blues! Eliminate the hassles associated with bottled water, with a convenient Point-of-use drinking water cooler. Enhance the appearance of your office or home by eliminating unsightly bottles.

Hot Water Recirculation Imagine turning on the shower and getting hot water immediately. You can with a Grundfos™ comfort hot water recirculation system. The Grundfos™ comfort system provides a continuous flow of hot water in your hot water supply line, delivering hot water in an instant to any faucet or water using appliance in your Phoenix area home.

Leak Controllers The Aquagate™ CX water alarm is like having a security system for water leaks and floods. Sensors for the system are placed in locations where water leaks may occur. Highly sensitive sensors are placed in strategic locations around the home. The sensors are linked to the control panel, which is installed on your main incoming water line, and will shut off your water supply when they detect a water leak, saving you costly water damage repairs and insurance claims.

Clear Water Concepts is your clear source for Peoria water filter systems and CareFree – Cavecreek water softeners. Proudly serving Phoenix, Mesa Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Peoria, Tempe, Goodyear, Anthem, Cave Creek, Carefree, Apache Junction and all of Maricopa County. Clear Water Concepts water filters of Phoenix, has water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, whole house filtration systems, whole home water purification and much more for Maricopa County, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Peoria, Tempe, Goodyear, Anthem, Cave Creek, Carefree and Apache Junction. Clear Water Concepts is your professional supplier and installer for water filters, water softener units, whole house softner systems, hard water softening, reverse osmosis systems and kinetic water softeners. We are a excellent alternative choice to Kinetco and H2O Concepts water purifier and water treatment purifying systems. Whole home water filtration and purification, residential water purifiers and whole home water filtration system for all of Maricopa County, including Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Peoria, Tempe, Goodyear, Anthem, Cave Creek, Carefree, Apache Junction and the greater Phoenix metro area and valley.

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