Whole House Water Filter Systems

There are many choices available in the market today for improving water quality. With so many options, consumers often become confused on which processes are best suited for their needs. It is important to keep in mind that specific water filtration medias perform individual duties as it relates to water quality. Whole house water filter systems have become an effective, and popular way to treat water in the home in recent years.

Concerns are rising over higher chlorine concentrations in municipal water supplies in the Phoenix area. Although the use of chlorine is an effective solution to keeping bacteria growth at bay, it raises health issue concerns, and the long-term effects on everyday life.

One problem with using chlorine to treat water is that it breaks down relatively quickly. Another issue with the use of chlorine is that it can combine with certain organics forming trihalomethanes, a family of carcinogens. Consequently, many water companies have switched from using chlorine to using chloramine. This is a compound containing both chlorine and ammonia, and is much more stable. Both compounds are carcinogens, and oxidizes virtually everything they come in contact with. Negative effects on hair, skin, clothing, and fabrics, as well as rubber seals, and washers in water-using appliances and fixtures, are just some of the pitfalls. Chlorine also is harmful to the resin in water softeners, as it oxidizes and eventually breaks down the beads. High cross link resins are more effective in areas like Phoenix, where the chlorine levels are elevated. Water softening systems that use this type of resin will last longer, and perform better. Whole home water filtration is also a great way to raise your homes value.

Clear Water Concepts Whole House Water Filter Systems

At Clear Water Concepts, we only use the finest quality high cross linked resin for optimum performance and longevity.

The most economical way to remove chemicals, and volatile organic compounds from your water is to use a carbon water filter. They come in many sizes, types, and designs. Some use a filter cartridge that is placed into a housing, that gets changed periodically. Others will incorporate a granulated activated carbon, or GAC, into a backwashing filter that gets cleaned based on gallons or days.

Most water treatment companies use coconut shell carbon in their systems to remove chemicals, VOC’s, and chlorine. Most water municipalities use chloramines to sanitize their water supply that they provide to their customers. Unfortunately, most common carbon medias do not remove considerable amounts of this chemical.

Whole House Water Filter SystemsIn our Sanitech Pro-Line whole house water filtration system we use high quality Centaur carbon, which is a bituminous coal based product. Centaur carbon has higher catalytic properties, greater density, and can last up to 3 times longer than coconut shell carbon. This high quality media is also designed to be chloramine specific, and will remove significantly more of this common chemical agent. Most carbon water filtration medias require re-bedding between 3-5 years, as the media de-activates, and begins to deteriorate. The greater density offered by Centaur carbon ensures longer life, requires less maintenance, and provides better quality water for years to come. Using this type of carbon in our Sanitech system provides superior performance, and a substantially better designed whole house water filter system for our needs in the greater Phoenix area. Learn more about Whole House Water Filter Systems today by calling Clear Water Concepts.