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Superior Water Filtration and Purification Technology

Technology for a Better Tomorrow

At Clear Water Concepts, we believe that technology holds the key to safer, healthier and better-tasting water. We also understand the importance of protecting natural resources in our native Arizona, and believe that technology is the key to successful conservation and environmental protection.

Our product line features some of the best water filtration and purification technologies in the industry. Our focus on eco-friendly technologies that balance optimum system performance with superior efficiency makes us the best choice for homeowners that care about their home’s water quality and the environment.

Whether it’s eco-friendly water softening or state-of-the-art whole home filtration, we have a system to meet your needs. Discover some of the best-in-class technologies we are proud to offer to homeowners in the greater Phoenix area.

EvolvTM Water Filtration and Softening System

At Clear Water Concepts, preserving our water resources is an essential goal in the development of a new product. This is why the EvolvTM Whole Home Water Filtration and Softening System is designed to exceed the efficiency of single tank digital on-demand systems.

How It Works

By utilizing a twin alternating tank design, the Evolv system doesn’t require water reserve capacities. Instead, filtered and softened water is continuously available with no downtime. This highly advanced system requires significantly less water to operate and function by allowing the entire capacity within the system to be used.


Why It Matters

The Evolv on-demand whole home water filtration system is perfectly suited for Arizona households with high water usage, or for those whose water usage varies greatly from one day to the next. With the Evolv water filtration system, you cansave up to 30% on your water bill when compared to typical softeners.

Other features and benefits of the Evolv system include:

  • Digital water meter makes it easy to track system performance and spot leaks
  • Smart digital interface offers greater control over system operation
  • Fully ported valve with fewer moving parts, ensures optimal water flow
  • Microform resin technology allows for 20% greater contact time for premium water quality and is designed with precision diameter specs, achieving superior efficiency
  • Advanced filtration process provides a broader range of chemical contaminant removal, ensuring a safer and healthier water
  • (KDF 55) better removes harmful water-borne contaminants like chlorine, lead, mercury, bacteria and fungi.

Compare this advanced system to other whole house filters and softeners and discover why the Evolv is the preferred choice for quality, innovation and performance for those who demand the best.

KDF Process Media

Out with the old

KDF 55 redox media has been used in the water treatment industry for several years. It is an exceptional media for removal of heavy metals, chlorine, and has bacteriostatic benefits. Originally KDF 55 media was available only in granulated form, which was heavy and difficult to properly backwash and rinse, reducing its viability in water filtration systems and softeners. Advancements in design and application of KDF 55 media have introduced a reticulated media in the form of permeable cubes.

These KDF 55 “cubes” are lighter due to the porous design, allowing it to be effectively fluidized and stay on top of carbon providing various benefits.

Impressive Benefits

KDF process media work to reduce or remove chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, chromium, bacteria, algae, and fungi. KDF media exchange electrons with contaminants, changing them into harmless components. During their reactions, electrons are transferred between molecules and new elements are created.

Double threat

KDF 55 medium can remove over 99% of free chlorine by electrochemically reducing dissolved chlorine gas to water-soluble chloride ions. This process significantly extends life and efficiency of carbon medias when combined within water filtration systems.

Heavy hitter for heavy metals

KDF 55 media can remove up to 98% of water-soluble cations of lead, mercury, copper, chromium, and other dissolved heavy metals. When filtered through KDF media, soluble lead cations are reduced to insoluble lead atoms, which adhere to the surface of the media.

Bacteriostatic function

KDF media controls the formation of bacteria, algae and fungi in granulated activated carbon filtration systems, preserving the life of the carbon as well as protecting reverse osmosis membranes and water softening resins from fouling. KDF process media kill bacteria by direct electrochemical contact which interferes with a microorganism’s ability to reproduce and function.

Ecoflow Technology

Ecoflow technology increases the backwash flow rate in the water softener or whole home filtration system during the regeneration process. During the service cycle, resin and other media become compacted due to constant down flow through the system. This down flow can create channels thru the media or softening resin. Consequently, the full capacity of the water softener is not realized, resulting in hardness bleed through.

Ecoflow technology increases the backwash flow rate and provides greater lift to the resin and other medias. This process reduces water channeling because the resin bed gets expanded and fluidized at a higher rate. This enhanced flow process, ultimately requires less water in the backwash cycle. The result is a better performing water softener or whole house water filter, with significant water savings! This feature is standard on all of our water softeners and whole house water filtration systems. Ecoflow technology has our competitors “green” with envy.

Doing Our Part

Clear Water Concepts understands the importance of conserving our precious Phoenix natural resources. Stewardship of the environment is the key to conservation and ensuring the health of our planet. We strive to provide eco-friendly products that are efficient and reduce environmental impact. Ecoflow technology requires 30% less water to backwash and rinse home water softeners and whole home water filters.

This innovative water treatment technology provides greater lift to the resin bed, prevents water channeling, and produces higher quality water. This exclusive water treatment process ensures a cleaner, greener, more efficient water softener. Clear Water Concepts is the clear ecological choice!

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