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I was born with water treatment in my blood. My father was the superintendent of a water treatment facility in Idaho, and I spent quite a bit of time at the plant with him. At 24 years old I started working for a large franchise water company. After 6 years, I had substantial knowledge with extensive training, and experience within the industry.

At 30, my wife and I decided to start our own water treatment business, with humble beginnings and a small savings. Our goal was to put our customers interests first by providing a no nonsense, straight forward service that was focused on their needs. We used what we had learned previously to locate original equipment manufacturers that offered quality, reliable, and efficient products that we could trust.

We knew the first 5 years would be challenging and committed ourselves to our plan and goals.


Clear Water Concepts had officially reached the 5 year mark!

We evolved from a husband and wife team, to hiring employees to help us grow the company to 3,000 customers in Arizona.


The Sanitech Pro-Line System was developed for the Phoenix area. A whole house water filtration system that softened and filtered the water with specific benefits for water problems associated in The Valley of the Sun.

This advanced water system became the bedrock product for our company and has provided 1000’s of our customers with an innovative and affordable solutions to their water concerns and problems.


Whew!! The housing crisis was over, business was picking up again. Fortunately our business was debt free, and lean. We were still doing all the sales ourselves with no commissions, allowing us to keep our product quality high and prices low. This really helped us against our competitors, as we continued to thrive in a harsh business environment.

The Sanitech Hph RO system was our new baby, and a unique edition to our trusted product line. Our customer base had grown to over 12,000 customers, and we maintained an excellent reputation for prompt, reliable service.


A very rewarding time in our organization. We went all in on getting as green as possible without compromising quality, reliability and performance.

After considerable research, the Evolv twin tank system was introduced; a true game changer in water saving features! All RO systems use innovative water saving membrane technology, reducing waste by over 70%! We grew out of two offices in the past 5 years and are excited for the future.

Clear Water Concepts has expanded substantially since inception in 1998, and has served over 25,000 families in the Phoenix area. We are excited for the future and value the relationships that have been forged. Our team looks forward to continuing our original goals set 20 years ago, to improving our products, service, and of course great value!

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