Better Water… Better Way
Pure & Simple

The smarter way to provide pure, fresh water for your office.

Our modern cooler design provides unlimited pure water without the bottle, at a fraction of the cost. From the conference room to the warehouse, we have a solution for your needs. Choose a better way, and get off the bottle today!

  • Convenient – No Lifting or Storing Bottles.
  • Fixed Cost – Save up to 70% over Bottled – No Seasonal Usage Increases.
  • Unlimited Pure Water – Ideal for growing companies.
  • More Sanitary – Sealed Cooler Design.
  • Safer Work Environment – Reduce Injury Liability.

Purity you can trust.
Our office water coolers use superior Reverse Osmosis technology to eliminate contaminants from the water. This advanced purification process provides pure, fresh water for your entire staff. Reverse osmosis eliminates a wide range of contaminants like, chlorine, VOC’s, heavy metals, sediment, and other objectionable dissolved solids. Clear Water Concepts uses components and filters that are NSF and WQA certified, ensuring quality and purity in every glass!

Better Water… Better Life.
Our exclusive Nutricell 4-stage filter process provides essential chelated trace minerals and electrolytes. This exclusive process increases Ph levels to a healthier, alkaline state. Anti-oxidant benefits are also an important function within the Nutricell filter. Ceramic ionized beads produces water which helps to neutralize free radicals. Alkaline ionized water is a rich source of antioxidants which can easily be absorbed into the body.

Installation is a simple no hassle process.
In most cases installation of your water cooler is an easy process. We use the existing cold water supply under a sink in a breakroom or other accessible area. We then add an adaptor between the shut-off valve and faucet line. A supply line is run to the water cooler above the ceiling and down the inside of the wall where the line will exit. We install a cable cover plate for a professional, finished look. Your new bottless water cooler will be up and running in a snap!

Regular maintenance intervals keep your cooler performing like clockwork.
We service the water cooler on a regular scheduled maintenance program. We provide filter changes and cooler sanitization services to keep your water pure, fresh and free of contaminants. Premium quality filters that are made here in the USA!


Freestanding – Our Onyx coolers are ideal for most office spaces. They provide a pure source of cool refreshing water, and steaming hot water for teas, and other hot beverages. Producing 1.5 gallons of purified chilled water per hour, and 2 gallons of piping hot water per hour, the Onyx cooler is the perfect choice for a variety of office needs, and spaces.

Countertop – Our Oasis model is the perfect choice for breakrooms where space is limited. They fit conveniently on the countertop, and provide 1 gallon of refreshing, pure water per hour for both hot and cold water needs.

  • Hygenic stainless steel storage tanks.
  • Hot water automatic thermostat, with easy on/off switch.
  • Cold water adjustable thermostat for precise temperature preference.
  • High efficiency LG compressors for optimum energy savings.



Starting @ $45.00/Month
All Service & Maintenance Included
FREE Installation
Brand New Complete System
Modern Black/Stainless Finish


Starting @ $1189.00
Annual Service Contract $179.00 ($14.95/Mo.)
FREE Installation
6 Months -NO Interest Financing ($199/Mo.)
Modern Black/Stainless Finish