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Ultima GRO Drinking System

Our Ultima™ reverse osmosis water purifiers provide all the great taste and benefits of bottled water, without the negative impact on the environment and your health. This advanced water purifier utilizes the latest technology, components, and features, to provide your family with the highest quality drinking water available today. And that’s not all! Pentair green 1/1 membranes are standard on all Ultima RO Systems, providing eco-friendly water saving technology that uses 75% less water than other RO systems!

You can be confident that your saving precious water every day! Unlike most of the reverse osmosis systems available today, we use solid lead free brass compression fittings ensuring the component, and build quality is second to none. Clear Water Concepts can also install a separate line from the water purification system to your refrigerator so that even your ice cubes will look and taste better than ever!

$695.00 – Installed (Additional charges apply for refrigerator hookup or line run – granite and quartz countertop drill).


  • 5-Stage design provides superior purification
  • Pentair GRO 1/1 ratio membrane for optimal water savings
  • Solid brass fittings prevent water leaks
  • Auto Shut-off prevents water waste
  • FloRite fill technology dispenses water quickly
  • Available designer faucets
  • WQA/NSF Validated Components
  • Made in USA

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