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Ultima GRO + Alkaline Drinking System

What makes the Ultima GRO + Alkaline Drinking System different? In a word… everything! The Ultima GRO + is a unique water purification system that requires 75% less water than typical RO systems. An innovative reverse osmosis system that combines advanced Pentair purification technology, while preserving healthy essential trace minerals, and electrolytes. Unlike conventional RO systems that provide acidic low Ph water, our exclusive Hydronix™ filter design provides higher Ph and negative ORP! We take safety seriously, our BioGuard™ filter technology provides protection from microbiological concerns within the system and protects the membrane. High quality components that are made in the USA, provide reliable, trusted water purity.

Installing a reverse osmosis system in your home provides fresh, clean drinking water for your family without the hassles and environmental impact of bottled water. This advanced water purifier features quick release filters that are convenient to replace and requires 20% less space under the kitchen cabinet! Our Ultima GRO + system ensures fast filling of glasses, coffee pots, and pitchers with our Flo-Rite fill technology. A wide variety of designer faucets are available to compliment your current kitchen fixtures. Ultima GRO +… Who says you can’t have it all?

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  • Hydronix chelated trace mineral filter, provides the finest blend of quality organic trace minerals and electrolytes available.
  • Exclusive Bio-Guard ionic advanced filtration technology. Ensures protection from micro-biological contamination.
  • Designer faucet, includes your choice of finish.


  • FloRite rapid fill feature, quickly dispenses water every time.
  • Superior purification technology ensures removal of today’s most troublesome contaminants.


  • Automatic flow control shut off, for optimum water savings.
  • High efficiency Pentair 1/1 membrane, provides maximum output with minimum waste.
  • Non-electric, works solely on water pressure.

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  • $795.00 – Installed (Additional charges apply for refrigerator hookup or line run – granite and quartz countertop drill).

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