No Salt Facts

This page is dedicated to providing you with valuable, reliable information in regards to researching the truth about No Salt Water Systems. In recent years, salt free devices have become increasingly more visible, and aggressively marketed in the water treatment industry. The purpose of this page is to inform you of the claims being marketed by many in the industry, and to let you make an intelligent decision based on science and chemistry, not conjecture. All the no salt facts you will ever need to make an informed selection.

It is important to first confirm that NO SALT water softeners do not exist, the term is an oxymoron. It is chemically impossible to remove water hardness “calcium/magnesium”, from the water without the use of ion exchange technology. Consumers should be skeptical of any claims that a product removes hardness, or softens the water without salt. NO SALT systems do not remove the minerals from the water that cause hard water deposits, scaling, and build up. If your incoming water hardness registers 15 gpg hardness, the result will be an identical 15 gpg hardness after being filtered through ANY No Salt System.

The water in the greater Phoenix area is some of the hardest water in the entire country, and is often accompanied with high TDS levels. When hard water combines with soap, and detergents a curd is formed, as these soaps are trying to neutralize the minerals to be able to create suds, or lather. Subsequently the water becomes grey in color. This water leaves a film on hair, skin, and makes laundry dingy and grey. Because Salt Free water systems do not remove the mineral from the water, the effect with soaps, and detergents are identical to results with having no water treatment at all. Claims by the industry that salt free products will provide similar results to ion exchange water softeners is scientifically baseless, and simply false. The same applies for spotting on dishes, and plumbing fixtures. As hard water dries on a glass, faucet base, shower door, etc. a hard water spot will be visible, because the mineral has not been removed.

There are several claimed “technologies”, in regards to salt free water treatment. Within this group of technology some companies provide reliable information to what their systems will remove, and the benefits that will be provided by the technology. However, several others walk a thin line describing the facts regarding benefits, and quality of water provided.

A standardized protocol is badly needed of magnetic,and other physical water treatment devices, processes , and equipment for their understanding and acceptance by the scientific and regulatory communities. Unlike typical ion-exchange based water softeners, there currently is NO standard that can be applied to physical water treatment devices validating their performance and claims. Sufficient scientific evidence has NOT been found to verify the efficacy of magnetic, electrolytic, electronic, and other physical water treatment devices in practical water treatment applications. Performance claims should be substantiated by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute).The fact that there is no standard should be a warning sign to potential consumers of no salt water systems.

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