Where should you shop for a new whole house water softener?

There are three places you can go to get your new Phoenix area water softener: Big box stores, proprietary franchises, and independent distributors. Where will you get the best service for your money?

Let’s first look at traditional big box stores. These retailers offer low-priced water softeners, and a host of other water treatment systems, too. But you get what you pay for—with the low price comes low quality, with products that are often manufactured oversees with inferior components. These systems are not built to combat the extremely hard water conditions in the Phoenix area. Life expectancy of these cheap water-softening systems is about 3 to 5 years. You might be surprised to learn that such brands include GE and Kenmore.

Service from box stores is also a problem. Who do you contact with a question or a repair issue? You’re probably calling overseas to talk with a customer service representative when you use their toll-free, “800 number.”

Next, let’s examine proprietary franchises. These are the opposite of big box stores—They provide good quality products at a very high price. These companies can survive in the marketplace with their expensive prices, because they typically use high-pressure tactics to close the deal. They do this by sending a salesman to your home, taking up your time with a 2-hour presentation that concludes with, “this offer is good for today only.” These companies often use gifts, like free packages of soap, to justify their ridiculous prices. Their salespeople are usually paid on commission, and they make between $700 and $1000 per sale! You can imagine the markup on the wholesale price of a complete Phoenix water softener with these kinds of commissions (proprietary franchises often charge between $3000 and $5000 for a complete whole house water softening and reverse osmosis filtration system).

Finally, contacting an independent distributor is the way to ensure quality at competitive prices for your Phoenix water softener installation. Clear Water Concepts is the best independent distributor in the Phoenix area. Quality comes first. Each water softener is manufactured with high quality components and offer unsurpassed durability and reliability. Softeners and reverse osmosis systems are manufactured locally and built to last in our harsh desert climate. Your product needs and budget requirements are taken under consideration. No sales commissions, no pressure. Using a local independent distributor for Phoenix water softener installation means the best customer service at a reasonable price.

A home is a costly investment, and hard water ruins faucets, fixtures, and components in water-using appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines. Purchasing the best water softener from Clear Water Concepts is a cost-effective way to ensure high quality soft water in your home for years to come. Call us for a free quote today.