Does a salt-free water softener really exist?

Hard water is the most common water quality problem in the United States. High water hardness causes soaps to be less effective, and it leaves soap scum residue in bathtubs, on shower doors, on skin and hair. It is more than a nuisance: Hardwater causes scale and build-up in water heaters, and it builds up in components of washing machines and dishwashers. This can add up to costly repairs.

Pheonix area hard water falls into the “extremely hard” category, above “very hard”, as measured by grains per gallon or parts per gallon. Read a more detailed description of measuring hard water in the article: How to choose the best water softener system for the Arizona desert climate.

In addition to the three minerals that make up hard water (Calcium, Magnesium, and Lime), Sodium is also a common compound found in the water supplies of the greater Phoenix area. Is this element safe for our drinking water? According to Dr. Andrew Zweifer, director of the Hypertension Clinic at The University of Michigan, “Drinking water represents a very small part of sodium intake in most persons. Even water softener systems don’t introduce enough salt to be of concern.” The New England Journal of Medicine and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hold similar views.

Of course, the solution to the problem of hard water is to install a water softener system, the best water softener systems in Arizona. But several Phoenix water softening installers make false claims that you can enjoy soft water without the use of salt. According to reputable testing agencies and independent research labs, tests performed on a number of brands of “salt free water softeners” found that they did not remove water hardness or scale. Contact the Arizona Water Quality Association for more detailed information.

Water softeners that use sodium or potassium chloride (salt) add very little additional sodium to one’s water supply. In most cases, the increased level of sodium in a gallon of softened water is about the same as the amount of salt contained in two slices of bread. It is imperceptible.

If sodium consumption is a concern for you, or if you or a family member is on a sodium-free diet, you don’t need to go without softened water. A reverse osmosis filter system will reduce the amount of sodium in your household water. In fact, a reverse osmosis (RO) system is the perfect alternative to bottled water. Clear Water Concepts, of Phoenix, offers a number of different RO product options, including UV sterilization, mineral filters for added flavor, and designer faucets to fit your home decor. Clear Water Concepts has also been a leader in water softening, Phoenix, for over a decade. We offer the best water softener systems in Arizona. Call or email us today for a free quote.