Looking to Upgrade Your Home? Consider a Whole House Water Filter

Today, many homeowners are constantly searching for ways to easily increase the value of their homes. These methods span from exciting remodeling projects to less exciting enhancements like water softening systems or whole house water filtration solutions. If you’re searching for a quick and effective upgrade for your home, then consider the many benefits of installing a whole house water filter.

It’s easy to understand the basic premise of why water filtration is desirable. When you choose to install a whole house water filter, you gain the advantage of clean and filtered water from all sources in a home. This means that your family will be able to not only drink clean, filtered water, but also shower and bathe in this cleaner water. It’s a fast way to increase the overall value of your home and provides immediate benefits to your family while living there.

Additionally, since harmful chlorine and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are removed immediately upon entering a house’s plumbing it results in less particles being released into the air of a home. You’ll not only experience the benefits of cleaning with and drinking cleaner water,you’ll also be able to use this cleaner, filtered water for washing clothes, dishes, and just about anything. This means that chlorine and other chemicals will not become embedded in the washed items. For many individuals, whole house water filtration has even helped to alleviate asthma and allergies by improving the air quality throughout a home.

Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, lead found in drinking water has been linked to 480,000 cases of learning disabilitiesin children each year? It’s more important than ever before to secure the safety and quality of your family’s water supply and this is very easy to achieve through the installation of a whole house water filter. In fact, there are over 2,000 potential drinking water contaminants that may be present in most tap water – including some poisonous substances. Why take the risk? Better your home and your health, while increasing the perceived value of your home in today’s market. It may not be quite as glamorous or exciting as a remodeling project, but it will likely provide a greater boost to your health and wellness. Are you curious about learning more? If you are, then contact us today for more detailed information; including specific solutions for whole house water filtration, water softening, and so much more.