Ecoflow Technology

Ecoflow Technologyecoflow_tiny water softener Ecoflow technology increases the backwash flow rate in the water softener or whole home filtration system during the regeneration process. During the service cycle, resin and other media become compacted due to constant down flow through the system. This down flow can create channels thru the media or softening resin. Consequently, the full capacity of the water softener is not realized, resulting in hardness bleed through. By increasing the backwash pressure flow rate, ecoflow_tiny water softenerEcoflow technology provides greater lift to the resin and other medias. This process reduces water channeling because the resin bed gets expanded and swirled at a higher rate. Pressure is increased, requiring less water in the backwash cycle. The result is a better performing water softener or whole house water filter system, with significant water savings! ecoflow_tiny water softenerEcoflow technology has our competitors “green” with envy.

Clear Water Concepts understands the importance of conserving our precious Phoenix natural resources. Stewardship of the environment is the key to conservation and ensuring the health of our planet. We strive to provide green products such as water treatment systems that are efficient and reduce environmental impact. ecoflow_tiny water softenerEcoflow technology requires 30% less water to backwash and rinse home water softeners and whole home water filters. This innovative water treatment technology provides greater lift to the resin bed, prevents water channeling, and produces higher quality water. This exclusive water treatment process ensures a cleaner, greener, more efficient water softener. Clear Water Concepts is the clear ecological choice!

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