Dare To Compare: Box Stores, Proprietary Franchises, and Independent Distributors

Dare to compare when shopping for a water treatment system for your home, there are several important factors to consider. It can be challenging for consumers to come to an informed decision on which water softening or reverse osmosis system is best for them, and fits their budget. Basically, the consumer has 3 options: They can purchase from a “Box Store”, Proprietary Franchisee, or an Independent Distributor.


Box Stores offer low quality and low priced, water filtration systems, purifiers and softener systems, that are made oversees and use inferior components.

The old adage -“you get what you pay for” – has particular application here.

They use low flow rate “rotary” valves that are prone to service problems. They use low quality weak cross-link exchange resins that oxidize and break down easily in our high hardness/chlorinated water supply. Furthermore, these system are not built to withstand our much harder than average water in the Phoenix area. Examples include: GE and Kenmore. The GE and Kenmore products are virtually the same water softener and are built oversees by Ecodyne. These products offer a “quick fix” to water treatment needs for a reasonable price. Because these retailers sell everything from tools to lawnmowers, to paint and appliances, the level of knowledge regarding water treatment systems needed for Phoenix water conditions is relatively poor.

Service is also a problem. Who do you contact if there is a question or problem? In most cases, it is an “800” number, out-of-state, or an independent contractor that the company uses for installation, service, and repairs. Traditionally, getting parts for these products has been a challenge and life expectancy is about 3-5 years. Clear Water Concepts replaces several of these box store water treatment systems in Phoenix every month.


Proprietary Franchises most often provide good quality products at extremely high prices. The cost of water treatment equipment is within a few hundred dollars of the wholesale level, whether the company is a Phoenix proprietary franchise or an independent dealer. There are several tactics and programs that they use to get their incredible prices, ranging from $3000 – $5000 for a complete water softening and reverse osmosis system. These companies rarely quote prices over the phone for several reasons: 1) If they do, chances are you will thank them and hang up, 2) They want a salesman to come to your home, give you a 2 hour sales presentation, complete with “good for today only” discounts. They usually use typical high pressure tactics to close the deal at the time of the presentation, knowing that if they don’t, you will shop their competitors and ultimately they will lose the sale, and 3) They often use gifts, like free soap packages, to justify their high prices. Any company offering Free soap in conjunction with a water softener system is charging Too much for their water system. Sales people for several proprietary companies are making between $700 – $1000 per sale!! In most cases, you get what you pay for!

Remember, value is perceived! The salesman’s job is to convince you that their soft water or reverse osmosis system is worth $5000. We would rather see you buy from a reasonably priced competitor than waste your hard earned money on an overpriced, Over-Hyped water softener and reverse osmosis system.


Independent Distributors – Clear Water Concepts is a Phoenix area independent distributor. We use our experience and knowledge in the industry to provide logical solutions to your water treatment system needs. We use industry tested, high quality components in all of our products. Our Softeners and RO systems are locally manufactured and built to last in our demanding climate! We have the freedom to offer multiple options and products and always make recommendations based on your needs and budget. The bottom line is that you will get a quality product designed to last in the greater Phoenix area. We don’t sell caulk, plywood, or nails. When you call us you get an experienced water treatment specialist. NO sales commissions, NO Hype, NO pressure, NO gimmicks, PERIOD! Our water in the Phoenix metro area is very hard on water softening and whole home filtration systems. We know what performs and lasts! Compare our quality, innovation, and value to our competitors, and we think you’ll agree the choice is clear!


Quality Where It Counts

At Clear Water Concepts, quality comes first. From top to bottom, we ensure that each water softener installation that we perform will measure up to your expectations.
Each water softener or reverse osmosis system is manufactured with the highest quality by only using structurally sound components. Our softeners and whole home filtration systems use pressure tested and individually inspected mineral tanks that are held to the most stringent standards, and that possess unsurpassed durability and reliability.

Quality resin is extremely important in a water softener that is being used in the greater Phoenix area. Chlorine and high water hardness are (2) major factors that effect the performance and life of resin. Our local water supply contains significant amounts of both. The water normally contains between 12-24 grains of hardness, 2-3 times the national average! Chlorine oxidizes and will “breakdown” most resins used in softeners today – the biggest factor in resin failure! We use superior quality, high cross-linked water softening resins that are designed to be used for Phoenix water treatment problems and will provide years of quality, soft water in your home.

Our filter medias have high catalytic properties and water filtration capabilities that reduce harmful chemicals like chlorine and volatile organic compounds. Smells and odors are eliminated throughout your entire Phoenix area home, resulting in exceptional quality water. We top our water treatment systems off with the best performing, most reliable control valve in the industry.

The most important component in any Phoenix water softening or whole home filtration system is the valve. It controls the operating functions of the system and records vital data. Clear Water Concepts uses Clack water specialist valves exclusively on all our water softeners and whole home filtration systems. This innovative valve utilizes superior features and technology. It has several advantages over other name brand valves. Fewer moving parts make it more reliable and increase flow rate. Our exclusive screw drive piston travels through the valve body without the binding associated with the competitor’s cam driven pistons. No Teflon or Flappers to wear, no springs to break or weaken.

Valve Features:

  • Digital On-Demand valves with Eco-smart water saving technology.
  • Highest rated service and backwash flow rate in the water treatment industry.
  • Eco-Flow technology uses 30% less water than competitors to backwash media, ensures cleaner more efficient resin, and eliminates channeling.
  • Exclusive “screw-drive” piston provides superior tolerances, performance, and reliability that the competition can’t match.
  • Soft water regeneration provides cleaner more efficient resin bed.
  • Fully programmable, with adjustable reserve capacity.
  • Dry brining eliminates salt bridging.
  • Non-volative memory backup, set it and forget it. Industry’s only leak free directional bypass.

Our Ultima™ reverse osmosis systems deliver consistent, high quality drinking water for years. We use the finest quality components and fittings, including solid brass compression fittings on all pre-filters, auto shut-offs, and membrane housings. Most competitors use plastic fittings that can leak and cause water damage.

Clear Water Concepts exclusively uses high pressure rated Amtek™ filter housings on all our RO Systems. Amtek™ is simply the best in the business and made in the USA. Several Phoenix dealers are now using the cheaper housings that split under higher water pressures which can cause severe water damage. We use industry leading pre and post filters and the finest quality membranes for refreshing, pure water every time. Our exclusive tru-flo system fills your glass or container twice as fast as the competition!


Clear Water Concepts understands that the success of our business relies on the quality of our relationships with our Phoenix area customers. We strive to exceed your expectations! Our 16 years of experience allows us to provide expertise in all facets of the water treatment service industry. We never suggest unnecessary repairs and give accurate, reliable quotes. Clear Water Concepts knows that your time is valuable, so we arrive within a 2 hour appointment time window to ensure prompt, courteous service. Even if you have an older water softening or filtration system, we can usually fix it for less than it would cost to replace. We do softening resin and carbon filtration re-beds, control valve re-builds, reverse osmosis system repairs, and filter services.



Treat yourself to treated water! From the laundry room, to the bathroom, from the kitchen, to the water heater – Treated water treats you! A quality water softening from Clear Water Concepts pampers your hair and skin, leaving it radiant and naturally moisturized. Clothing is cleaner and brighter, and fabrics last longer. Soft and conditioned water saves 50% on soaps and detergents. Cleaning is easier, with fewer chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Dishes come out sparkling and spot-free. Water using appliances perform better and last longer. Plumbing fixtures stay looking new. Investing in a quality water treatment system saves time & money and is one of the few Phoenix home improvements that actually pays for itself!

Tired of running to the market for bottled water? Why give up needed storage space? A reverse osmosis water purification system is the most effective solution to your drinking water needs. Get unlimited purified drinking water and ice, right in your own Phoenix area kitchen! Discover great tasting drinks, like coffee, tea, and juices! Reverse osmosis water also works great in steam irons and humidifiers. A quality water purification system from Clear Water Concepts provides fresh, great tasting water, and ice that you can proud to serve! Clear Water Concepts has a faucet that fits your style! We offer standard and designer faucets in all colors to match your kitchen faucet.

Clear Water Concepts is your clear source in Phoenix for water filter service and water filter installation and to install water softeners in Phoenix. Proudly serving Mesa Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Peoria, Tempe, Goodyear, Anthem, Cave Creek, Carefree, Apache Junction and all of Maricopa County.

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Clear Water Concepts is your professional supplier and installer for water filters, water softener units, whole house softner systems, hard water softening, reverse osmosis systems and kinetic water softeners.
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