Why Clear Water Concepts?

It’s simple… Commitment! At Clear Water Concepts, we strive to give our customers the most innovative, effective, water treatment products and services. Our dedication to building quality relationships with our customers is vital to our growth and success. We have over 20 years experience and knowledge with various methods of water treatment: water purifiers, water conditioners, whole house water filtration system, and water softener systems. Our qualified technicians have extensive knowledge in the service, repair, installation, and maintenance of almost all makes and models of water treatment equipment. We are members of the Phoenix BBB and are licensed Arizona contractors, ROC#768184. Let our staff design a home water treatment system that will fit your needs.


Committed to Quality:

All of our water treatment products are made in the USA, and are manufactured with industry leading components that meet the highest standards and protocols:

  • Water purification systems and reverse osmosis home systems that are pressure tested and use the highest quality components.
  • Whole house water filters and water softening systems that are made with industry leading resins, medias, and tanks.

Committed to Innovation:

Clear Water Concepts uses proven technology and innovative water treatment products that are reliable, intelligent, and that provide the highest quality water:

  • Water softeners and home water filtration systems that utilize the most advanced technology, features, and benefits.
  • Fully programmable electronic demand valves with on-board diagnostics, adjustable reserve, soft water regeneration, and other clever features.

Committed to Conservation:

Clear Water Concepts values our relationship with the Phoenix area environment. We believe that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet go hand in hand. Our Eco-Smart water treatment products can help you achieve both:

  • Our exclusive Ecoflow technology uses 30 % less water than our competitors’ home water softeners, purification systems, and whole house water filters.
  • We use energy efficient valves, high efficiency resins, and water saving shut offs on RO systems.

Treated water treats you!

  • Cleaner, more radiant hair and skin!
  • Clothing is cleaner and brighter!
  • Up to 50% savings on soaps, detergents, and cleaners!
  • Fabrics last longer!
  • Appliances perform better and last longer!